Aziz Ahmed Soomro, M.B.B.S., M.D.

Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Welcome to the Psychiatry Practice
of Dr. Aziz Soomro

Whether you are new to mental health or you’ve been working on becoming your best self, it is our mission to help you achieve mental clarity, inner peace, and overall happiness.

Dr. Aziz Soomro will work directly with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include psychotherapy, mindfulness, lifestyle changes and medicine as needed. As part of our patient-centered approach, we are always just a phone call away to assist you between visits. Our goal is to make you feel at ease from day one by fostering a compassionate and judgement-free relationship. Patients benefit from a friendly and trusting environment where they receive the respect and personalized care they deserve. 

Are you searching for a highly skilled and compassionate psychiatrist in Oceanside, NY? Dr. Aziz Soomro understands that choosing a psychiatrist for you or a loved one is not easy. We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions to help you decide if Dr. Aziz Soomro is the right treatment provider for you.



We serve patients from Nassau, Putnam, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk,
& Westchester Counties of New York

We also serve patients from Fairfield & Litchfield Counties of CT

Our Mission

Our mission here at the practice of Dr. Aziz Soomro is simple; to offer a comprehensive, non-judgmental approach for people who struggle with mental health. Countless people all over the world struggle with their mental health, not knowing what to do. Some people turn to maladaptive alternatives to cope with their emotional difficulties. Many people diagnosed with depression use antidepressants, psychotherapy, and alternative modalities to combat their depression. Some have failed a trial of these modalities and feel helpless because of their lack of improvement but there is hope. Our goal is to provide effective treatment to combat mental health disorders like depression and improve quality of life. 

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We Provide Some Initial Evaluations in Person and in the Office.

Follow-up appointments are done primarily via Telehealth or in person as needed.

 Telehealth therapy, sometimes referred to as Telemedicine psychiatry or Telepsychiatry allows us to provide psychiatric care from a distance using interactive electronic and telecommunication devices.

Telehealth Therapy is Safe

Telehealth therapy makes it possible for those with compromised health conditions to remain safe.

Telemedicine Psychiatry is Fast & Flexible

Provides faster and flexible services in urgent situations.

Telemedicine Psychiatry is Convenient

Telehealth therapy makes follow up appointments easier and has increased follow-up rates.

Telehealth Therapy can be done From Home

You can remain in the comfort of your home.

We provide convenient Telemedicine psychiatry to patients in Nassau, Putnam, Queens, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties of New York.

We also serve CT Counties of Fairfield & Litchfield.

Two Locations

Serving Patients in Nassau, Suffolk, & Queens Counties of New York

Serving Patients in Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk & Westchester Counties of New York

We also serve patients from Fairfield & Litchfield Counties of CT

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